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Las Vegas might be known for its lively casinos and captivating clubs—but that’s not all. Fun karaoke bars are also part of its energetic scene, and they offer a whole new experience perfect for those looking to sing, dance, and put on a performance in one of the world’s most exciting cities.

Take a break from Sin City’s casino-and-club scene, and discover how Vegas does karaoke. Vegas Karaoke Bar Review brings you the most talked-about karaoke joints in town, as well as the craziest 2-for-1 Happy Hour drinks, the most delicious menus, and the largest song selections. From live karaoke and $10 room rates to BOGO soju cocktails and Chef-curated dinner options, we know where to find them all.

Karaoke Bar Las Vegas finds all the hottest karaoke bars in Las Vegas where you can let go, belt out your favorite songs, and be the star of your own show. Be it an ultra luxe spot in the middle of The Strip or a hip joint tucked away in the quieter parts of the city, we check it out to find out what the buzz is all about. Looking for a cool place for casual drinks and sing-along with friends, or a nice venue where the whole family (yes, even the kids) can celebrate? We know just the place for that! Limited funds? Fret not, Las Vegas has karaoke bars that will have you singing the top hits and downing all kinds of beer for hours—and still leave you with enough budget to come again the next day.

Whether you want to take the mic and entertain crowds or do your own mini concert in a private room, Vegas Karaoke Bar Review can help you find your stage in Las Vegas.

Our Recommended Karaoke Bar in Las Vegas

This glitzy 17,000-square-foot karaoke bar is located on the second floor of the Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian Resort, making it the one and only karaoke experience on The Strip. As far as locations go, Kamu takes the cake.

Karaoke Bar Review

Karaoke Q Studio brings the best of Korea right into the heart of Las Vegas. This contemporary karaoke bar offers topnotch Asian grub and cozy private rooms where you and your pals can sing (or demolish) your favorite songs. It’s a popular joint for after-work sing-along sessions, late-night drinks, and even full-blown celebrations with family and friends.

Combining an entertainment bar with live karaoke, Cat’s Meow is the go-to place for aspiring performers who’d never miss an opportunity to dazzle crowds. The music never stops and the stage is always open for guests who have the talent (or the guts) to grab the mic and be the star of their own show.

Those who’d rather avoid the Vegas crowds and just hang in a hip karaoke lounge often find their way to J Karaoke Bar. Tucked away from the busy Strip, J Karaoke Bar is a lively yet homey spot for late-nighters who want to eat, drink, sing, and be merry.
Conveniently located in Las Vegas’s Chinatown, this Korean-inspired karaoke joint offers great-tasting food, a wide selection of beers and cocktails, and lots of song options to charm anyone’s inner diva.

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