KAMU Ultra Karaoke

Vegas Karaoke Bar Review - KAMU ULTRA KARAOKE

In the heart of The Strip, on the second floor of the Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian Resort, KAMU Ultra Karaoke emerges as a 17,000-square-foot oasis, redefining the karaoke experience in the vibrant city of Las Vegas. This upscale venue, unparalleled in its grandeur and scale, stands as the one and only karaoke destination on The Strip—an exclusive gem where glamour meets melody, and style converges with song.

Secure one of the 40 uniquely adorned private suites, such as the Galaxy or Dragonball suites, for an exclusive experience. Choose from a range of luxurious bottle service options or opt to order drinks individually. Delight your palate with the chef’s special sashimi or the tantalizing kalbi tacos from the impressive menu. Planning a birthday celebration? Call two days in advance to arrange the delivery of balloons, flowers, and cake decorations, adding a touch of extravagance to the occasion.

General Information


Mon – 6:00 PM – 5:00 AM (Next day)

Tue – 6:00 PM – 5:00 AM (Next day)

Wed – 6:00 PM – 5:00 AM (Next day)

Thu – 6:00 PM – 6:00 AM (Next day)

Fri – 12:00 PM – 6:00 AM (Next day)

Sat – 12:00 PM – 6:00 AM (Next day)

Sun – 6:00 PM – 6:00 AM (Next day)


N Health Score A

N Takes Reservations

N Accepts Credit Cards

N Trendy, Classy, Upscale

N Casual Dress

N Good for Groups

N Good for Dancing

N Garage Parking

N Free Wi-Fi

N Best nights – Friday, Saturday, Sunday

N Happy Hour Specials

N Full Bar

N Wheelchair Accessible


N Open to All

M No Outdoor Seating

M No Pool Table

M No Heated Outdoor Seating

M No Covered Outdoor Seating

N EV Charging Station Available

KAMU Ultra Karaoke Features

Exclusive VIP Treatment

KAMU Ultra Karaoke goes beyond being a mere venue; it is an experience. For those seeking VIP treatment and red-carpet moments, this glitzy establishment delivers in spades. Indulge in exclusive VIP experiences that pamper and elevate your karaoke adventure. In the realm of KAMU, every night becomes a red-carpet affair, and every patron a star in their own right.

Vegas Bottle Service

At KAMU Ultra Karaoke, the experience is not just about the music; it’s about indulgence. Elevate your karaoke adventure with the renowned Vegas Bottle Service, adding a touch of VIP treatment to your night. Sip on premium beverages served with style as you bask in the luxurious atmosphere that KAMU exudes. It’s not just karaoke; it’s a full-fledged sensory experience.

Curated Song Selection

KAMU Ultra Karaoke takes pride in curating a song selection that resonates with both aspiring singers and seasoned performers. From timeless classics to the latest chart-toppers, the repertoire is a melodic masterpiece designed to elevate your vocal performance. Choose your anthem, take the stage, and let the music flow in harmony with the glamorous setting.

Private Karaoke Suites

For those seeking a more intimate affair, KAMU Ultra Karaoke offers private karaoke suites that redefine exclusivity. From small private rooms for casual gatherings with friends to medium and large suites for family celebrations, KAMU ensures that your karaoke experience is tailored to your preferences. Embrace the luxury of privacy and create unforgettable memories in a setting that exudes grandeur.

All-Inclusive Packages

KAMU Ultra Karaoke offers all-inclusive packages that redefine the karaoke experience. Skip the line and dive straight into the heart of the action with live karaoke. These packages are designed for those who crave a seamless and exclusive night out, ensuring that your time at KAMU is nothing short of spectacular.

Private Dining Menu

For those seeking a culinary adventure alongside their musical journey, KAMU Ultra Karaoke has crafted a Private Dining Menu that seamlessly blends gastronomy with the joy of singing. Explore a curated selection of delectable dishes as you serenade your friends and family in the privacy of your own karaoke suite. KAMU ensures that every aspect of your night, from the songs to the cuisine, is a symphony of delight.

Iconic Location

In a city known for its iconic landmarks and exclusive destinations, KAMU Ultra Karaoke claims its throne as the pinnacle of karaoke luxury. Occupying a prime spot on the second floor of the Grand Canal Shoppes, this opulent 17,000-square-foot haven is a testament to the lavishness that defines The Venetian Resort. Kamu’s strategic location places it at the epicenter of The Strip’s pulsating energy, offering patrons a front-row seat to the city’s glittering spectacle.

Glitz and Glamour

As you step into KAMU Ultra Karaoke, you are greeted by a symphony of glitz and glamour. The venue’s interior, meticulously designed to reflect sophistication and extravagance, sets the stage for an unparalleled karaoke experience. With its expansive space adorned in luxurious decor, KAMU creates an ambiance that seamlessly blends opulence with the vivacity of a night out on The Strip.

Lavish Aesthetics

KAMU Ultra Karaoke doesn’t just take the cake; it is the crown jewel of karaoke in Las Vegas. Its sheer size, lavish aesthetics, and exclusive location make it a standout destination for those seeking an extraordinary night of song and style. This karaoke haven elevates the standard, offering a level of luxury that is synonymous with the city’s reputation for over-the-top entertainment.